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Hand In Hand

Hand In Hand Acro BalanceAvailable as a solo or double act and also in male & female combinations, the unbelievable dexterity and skills of acrobalance act Hand In Hand will dazzle and amaze audiences of all ages.

Their incredible strength, instinct and trust of one another is such that they are able to achieve poses, balances and set pieces that will have you staring in wide eyed wonder as to how what you are watching is actually humanly possible!

Hand In Hand Balance in WhiteWhether it be a corporate event, wedding entertainment or private function, Hand In Hand will create spectacular memories and an astonishing display of artistry.

Please Note: For the safety of our performers, in some instances the head height in an indoor venue may need to be confirmed. Please consult the First & Foremost team, who will be happy to advise and assist.

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