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Firework Displays

Red FireworkIf you want your event to literally go with a bang, (not to mention a crack, whistle and screech!), then without a doubt, a professional firework display will certainly provide a wonderful surprise or fitting finale to your evening.

First & Foremost Entertainment is delighted to be able to provide professional displays of all sizes and lengths, to suit all budgets and occasions.

The range of fireworks these days is vast, and many are incredibly sophisticated, with new previously unseen colour combinations and others forming intricate patterns in the air. But more importantly perhaps, if you love fireworks ~ and who doesn’t ~ you will understand that nothing quite beats the noise, dazzle and smell of a live display.
Wedding Couple With FireworksMulti Coloured Firework
Fireworks SampleWatch a Sample Of Fantastic Fireworks

Available as a stand alone attraction, to spell out a message to a loved one ~ it’s a great way to propose! ~ or set and timed to music, our displays will delight and awe in equal measure.

But one thing is for sure, no one will forget how incredible your event was, when you end it with a breathtaking pyrotechnic display.

Please Note: The supply of fireworks at your event, will be subject to any local restrictions and following a health and safety assessment.

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