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White Dove Release

Wedding White Dove ReleaseThe release of pure white doves is a symbolic and meaningful gesture often used as a celebration at wedding ceremonies, christenings, anniversaries and many other significant occasions, or in rememberance at a loved one's funeral or memorial service.

Our professional handlers have over forty years experience in training and handling homing birds and their reputation in the field of white dove release is second to none. As a result, you can be assured that all of our white doves are trained to fly home after every release, making each occasion ethical and enjoyable for all in attendance.

Experience has shown us that a white dove release will be one of the most talked about events of your special day, and we will always try to accomodate your personal wishes for the release. So if you have an idea of your own then please share it with us and we will be happy to discuss it with you.

Our doves are always presented in beautifully decorated baskets, which can be adorned with colours to co-ordinate with your event, if desired.

Weddings & Civil Ceremonies

Bride Holding White DoveReleasing white doves at a wedding has been a tradition throughout the world for centuries.  White doves are a symbol of peace, love, the Holy Spirit and the soul. A wedding represents love, togetherness, purity and eternity.

What better way to express these sentiments than with a pure white dove release during or after your wedding or civil ceremony?

It is said that if you see white doves on your wedding day, it symbolises love and peace and a happy home is assured. 

What could be more memorable than the breathtaking sight of a pair of snow white doves circling the horizon and then flying off into the heavens in celebration of your special day?

Funerals & Memorials

Funeral Dove ReleaseNaturally there are certain times when our doves are needed to mark more poignant occasions such as the passing of a loved one or to remember our friends and family members. We have provided white doves on numerous such occasions and the peace and tranquility brought about by our birds at funerals and memorial services has often been a source of great comfort to those left behind.

We can provide up to twelve white doves for release at a funeral or memorial service, although extra doves are available upon request. 

The doves can either be presented to you for release by hand or if preferred, they can be released directly from the basket. Alternatively, a combination of hand and basket release is always possible.

Our handlers work closely with many funeral directors to ensure we fulfill each families requirements for their white dove release with the greatest respect, dignity and professionalism and you can rest assured that they will always dress appropriately for the occasion and that our doves are presented in tastefully decorated baskets.

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